Red and Taupe

 Tomorrow is St. Patrick’s day so really I should be doing a post on green…except I don’t really have any green.  I usually wear the same green shirt every year in honor of the day.  I am sort of a holiday nut and can’t let a holiday go by without celebrating.  Hmmm…maybe tomorrow will be the green outfit.

 Each time my boys get new shoes they insist on sleeping in them.  My husband totally condones this practicis and claims I don’t remember being a child, because all children need to do this with their new shoes…I don’ t think I ever did that.  Maybe I don’t remember being a kid!  My 6 year old even slept in his new roller blades!  Well, can I tell you these boot are the first pair of shoes that I really DO want to sleep in (meaning I don’t ever want to take them off!)  I am in love with them and their whole look!

 I am currently trying to figure out how to wear them with a dress on Sunday :)

 Aren’t they lovely? Oh ebay (and Steve Madden) I am in your debt FOREVER! 

 I wonder how my husband will feel about these babies if I do decide to sleep in them.

Jacket: Jcrew | Cardigan: Banana Republic | Shirt: Banana Republic | Jeans: Nordstrom | Boots: Steve Madden via Ebay


What I Wore-Black and White…and Yellow

 So I had all of these pictures ready to go, got them uploaded to the post and…realized I had failed to photoshop a loan strap that was showing…you know the ones, the ones that shouldn’t be showing especially in a fashion post.  My photographer (husband) has claimed that his duties are limited to pushing the button on the camera, not checking for fashion faux pas :)   So I just went through, got rid of the cursed strap and we are back in business, but maybe I should have left it because now you know it was there in the first place.  I really never was very good at playing it cool. 

I just got these booties in the mail today and couldn’t wait to put them in an outfit!!!!  I almost wore them to caucus tonight which would have been a huge mistake…it was long and as much as I love wearing heels (don’t they just make you feel FEMININE?!  I love them), I don’t love them for hours and hours. 

 Speaking of going to caucus, I had never gone before! I got my degree in Political Science and I love national politics (and all things D.C.), but have never done a whole lot of local politics.  I went tonight and got a little too into it.  I think my ending sentence at the thing was yelling “ya Brinkerhoff..” (someone who had just been voted as an alternate delegate by a narrow victory), and the shame of getting a little too into the whole things set in after I left.  My husband and I laughed about it all the way home especially the fact that I may have been the only person in the history of the country to cheer at a caucus as loudly and passionately as I did for an ALTERNATE delegate.  Who cheers for delegates at all for that matter?  Maybe I should stay away from politics.

 But I guess I won’t be staying too far away because I myself was nominated to be a delegate.  We were each supposed to say something about why everyone should vote for us, I got up and said something lame about how much I like politics and ended up being the alternate county delegate. 

 Well, it was an experience I will say and I have a feeling the stories of my passion might be circulating around the neighborhood soon. 

Top: Old Navy | Jeans: Nordstrom  |  Booties: Steve Madden via Ebay  | Belt: Forever 21


What I Wore-Flourecent Pink, Lime and Red

 I have expressed a few times how much I love the fun pops of color that are trending this season.  I especially love wearing them TOGETHER!  I also am loving that wide leg jeans are coming back in.  I love skinnies, but it is fun to have a little variety. 

 This outfit could be dressed up a bit with more jewelry and a blazer, or more casual like the way I wore it here. 

 I am having some issues lately with my hair…I prefer to call it Ombre, but really it is “in severe need of help,” blonde.  While I like sharing fun ideas for outfits, the picture thing is so hilarious to me, I totally dislike pictures of myself and am not very good at it.  I talked Josh into taking some pictures outside so I didn’t have to take them of myself and so I could have better light.  I live in fear of someone seeing me getting random pictures taken of myself and tried to just hurry and get it done, and forgot to move the camera case in the background.  Hopefully it gets better :)

Lime shirt: JCrew | Cardigan: Forever 21 (recent) | Jeans: Joe’s Jeans | Flats: Urban Oufitters |
 Bracelet: Jcrew, Sunglasses: Banana Republic Outlet


Spring 2012 Fashion Trends

I really love a lot of the trends for this spring/summer.  Clothes are fun and bright and pretty.  Most likely you have a few of these already in your closet.  A lot of the pics aren’t the greatest quality, so you may want to click on the image link below to see the outfit in it’s true glory.  I have used quite a few pics from the blog Pink Peonies.  Totally check that one out as it is phenomenal.  I love pretty much everything the girl wears.


I love that this one combines the peplum look as well as a pastel

Bright Colors (pops of neon)


Pink, Red and Stripes

 I love stripes, my closet is stuffed with them and I look through clothing websites on the hunt for MORE!  I just can’t pass them up!  I also love…elbow patches on sweaters.  So this sweater from H&M was a no brainer.  I really like my boyfriend jeans too.  I have torn a few holes in them and it makes me like them more.  I need to patch the latest hole (I haven’t torn a hole in jeans since I was…actually I don’t know if I ever have.  Well, these are my first)

 I also love heels.  Reeeeeeaaaalllly high ones.  These fit that bill and I just feel ultra feminine when I wear them. 

I don’t however love my “taking a picture of myself in the mirror” face.  I’ll have to figure this out….

I like the edge of the beat up jeans and the femininity of the pearls.

Sweater: H&M | Shirt: Gap | Jeans: Buckle | Shoes: Aldo | Necklace: JCrew


Salmon, Black and White

 Black and white was a big trend at this year’s New York Fashion Week, but I just can’t do only black and white.  I wanted to add a pop of color to this outfit.  After all, it is spring and spring just screams color to me!  Yet another trend is pastels, which is exciting to me, because I love a good pastel :)   I thought these light salmon slacks were just the thing for black and white. 

 Once again taking pictures of myself is both hard and awkward…but oh well, you get the idea.

 This is the picture of ultimate frustration with the whole taking pictures process!!!!

Black shirt-Banana Republic, Striped top-H&M, Slacks-JCrew, Heels-Steve Madden, Jewelry -Jcrew


What I Wore-Spring Stripes

 It is warm again today!  I am so excited for warm weather, although I am used to Utah weather enough that I know it may be snowing tomorrow.  In fact it may be snowing in April, so we take what we can get around these parts. 

I really thought when I started this blog that the pictures wouldn’t be a big deal…oh my goodness they are so much harder than I thought.  Taking a picture of myself is crazy!  The thing won’t focus, it never takes a picture of what I think it is going to and it is so heavy that my arm was BURNING by the time I was done…maybe that is a good thing.

So pardon all of the blurry pics, but here is another outfit example from the “what I wore” file.  It is fun to put some pops of color with my outfits these days.  You can’t tell as much in the pictures, but this jacket is a poppy red and I love it!

I mixed prints with my stripes and cheetah print shoes (I am a huge fan of the print mixing)…

Top-H&M (similar here), Jacket-Layers (way old), Jeans-Nordstrom, Ballet Flats-Nine West (similar here), Belt-F21,


Spring 2012 Fashion Trends

Spring is coming!!!  I can’t wait for warm weather, laced with a  few fragrant thunder storms (we are big puddle jumping enthusiasts at our house)  I definitely need to get my wardrobe spring ready!  Here are a few of the spring trends that I am currently crushing on.  I will post a few more later this week.


Color Blocking:


Floral prints (it is worth noting that this trend is one to be careful with…florals on bottom are definitely not always flattering :)


Navy and Rust

 Alright so the pictures are still a work in progress.  I feel a little self conscious getting pictures taken of myself, so today I had my husband stand in the garage while we hurried and took pictures of the outfit I wore to church.  Um…it didn’t work so well.  Every picture was so dark I had to lighten them into complete pixelation.  Hopefully they aren’t too hopeless.

I really am getting excited for spring and spring clothing, but I thought I’d post some of the outfits that I have worn this winter…I don’t know why…for future reference?  And it IS still winter.  Not to mention the fact that I am a total cold wimp and am not ready for bare legs yet…boots with skirts for me until it is a little bit warmer.

Navy top: H&M, Rust Colored Top: Banana Republic, Denim Skirt: Ann Taylor, Boots: Aldo, Necklace and bracelet: JCrew


What I Wore-It’s a Start

Top:Banana Republic, Sweater: Old Navy, Jeans: Bohme, Boots: Nordstrom, Bag: Aldo

I have been asked for outfit ideas lately and so I just thought I’d start a blog of the outfits that I put together. I love layering, I love aqua, I am getting excited for spring, but still happy for the fun thing you can do with winter clothing.

Today was a beautiful day. My first grader is working on a report on Seattle (we went there on a family vacation a few weeks ago) I decided to take him on a date to get some supplies for his Seattle poster and to Red Lobster for a little seafood (one of our favorite things about Seattle was the fresh seafood). I thought I’d just snap a few pics of “what I wore.” It’s a start!:)