Here are a few things I have been crushing on lately.

Forever 21 $22.80
Such a fun way to wear the new colored bottom looks.  Cute color and great price!

I saw this amazing shirt of one of my favorite Fashion blog sites, Wendy’s Lookbook. I love what she did with it, and I love the shirt!

 Forever 21 $14.80
I will always love a stripe, especially one that is this great of price, and this fun of cut.
Amazon $79.99

I really like the look of boat shoes.  Especially when Kate Middleton wore them. I think boat shoes are a fun alternative to flip flops, but still casual and fun for summer.  These happen to have sequins on them, which I love.
H&M $14.95
This lace skirt would be fun for Easter!  H&M also carries this in a beige color, which is my favorite, but I couldn’t get the pictures to work.
I am coming around to the whole blazer thing, but not without some reservations thanks to growing up in the 80s and associating any sort of blazer with enormous shoulder pads.  I like this blazer though, it is fun and made of a heavy knit, so not as formal.  I have a serious crush on this blazer!

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