Sprucing Up an Outfit

St. Patrick’s Day was a wild day, so I just quickly snapped some pics with my iphone.

Okay, I am a mom of 4 boys. One of these adorable boys is 2 and is constantly wiping sticky on me. So as fun as it is to dress up, simple outfits are my go to (especially those that are machine washable). Putting together an outfit doesn’t have to be rocket science, and as I just said looking “put together” doesn’t have to be elaborate. Start with a base.  This happened to be on St. Patrick’s Day and this is my “go to” St. Patrick’s Day” shirt (wow there is a lot of “go to-ing” in this post) that I always wear since I really don’t have a ton of green.   I wanted it to look a little more put together though.  Above is the simple base I started with. 

Shirt: Layers (extremely old) | Cardigan: Jcrew | Jeans: Nordstrom | Boots: Banana Republic | 
Belt: Forever 21

Next I start looking through my layering pieces. This includes sweaters, cardigans, vests, jackets and other shirts(short sleeve and button down). Find something that works with it. Find colors that work together but aren’t always expected. I really love green and navy together so I chose a navy cardigan. Then I added some other accessories. You could add bracelets, fun belts, layer necklaces etc. find a few things and add them.  Then pick the shoes.  Everything contributes to the whole look.  This was a colder day, so I picked my boots.    Looking back, some layered necklaces would have been cute with this too, but we were running a bit late, ad I was lucky to get this much :) Voile! Outfit completed. You don’t need to go crazy, just choose a few things. You can get lots of fun finishing pieces at H&M, Forever 21, thrift stores, actually anywhere and everywhere.  I really love taking a boring outfit and adding a few pieces making it a fun outfit.  Don’t be afraid to spruce things up a little bit :)

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