What I Wore-Sage and Country Blue

 I have to be honest here, this post should be called “What I WISH I had Worn.”  I DID wear most of this outfit, but I had my leopard flats and not these boots.  I love them, but I think they would have been a little much to wear to my Kindergartener’s class to read with the kids. 

 The hard thing with fashion and being a stay at home mom is that most of my day consists of helping kids, cleaning the house, doing arts and crafts, helping with homework, going grocery shopping and the list goes on of things that I do that any sort of dressy fashion is sooooo impractical.  I love fashion though, so I do make a bit of an effort :)  

 These boots are more of my church/dates boots, but I really truly love them (and they are camel, one of my favorite colors…see previous post :)   I wish with all of my heart that I were like Victoria Beckham walking around with my boys, going to soccer games looking like a rock star at all times and wearing 5 inch stilettos.  I ADORE her style, poise and class, but alas, I need a bit of comfort in my day and stilettos for long periods of time (even my comfy ones) don’t work for me.  Maybe one day :)  

Would it be okay however that even though I told you about the shoe swap (I never could keep a secret), you just imagined this is what I wore all day???  Thanks. :)

Ultra high stilettos however are definitely my favorite shoe of choice.  I LOVE wearing them and probably would every day if ya know, they weren’t a bit much for running errands, cleaning toilets and volunteering at the school.  But I do wear them a lot.

 The artsy edit…

Shirt: Layers (yep old as they aren’t even in business anymore…but it is a great shirt) | Jacket: Nordstrom | Jeans: American Eagle | Boots: Amazon | Earrings: Nordstrom (BP) | Bracelet: Jcrew

Photos by awesome friend Brittany

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